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Wall Sawing, Electric Sawing, Hand Sawing and Chain Sawing

Our array of sawing capability means that API Concrete Core Drilling has just the right service for your needs.

Wall Sawing is used to make Doors, Windows, HVAC openings, Elevator openings, etc. Our Shibuya Wall Saw is track-mounted that can be used for vertical or horizontal cuts AND it is powered by either hydraulic or electric power. The Diamond Blade allows clean, precise cuts in both concrete and masonry structures.

Our Husqvarna FS 3500 Flat (Slab) Sawing is used to cut horizontal flat surfaces. Flat Sawing is use to cut floors and pavement where you need plumbing or electrical trenches.

Concrete Chain and Hand Sawing for deep cutting through masonry, concrete pipes, cast iron pipes, and concrete walls – any time when other equipment can't be used because of awkward positions.

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